What are your rates and how long does each session last? 

The initial consultation session is 60-75 minutes and is $200. Standard follow-up sessions are 50-55 minutes and $150. I do also offer half sessions (25-30 minutes) on an as-needed basis for $100. I also have a limited number of sliding scale spots available if you need services but are unable to afford these fees. Please reach out if you have questions. 


Do you accept insurance? 

Yes, I am in-network with BCBS PPO plans and United Healthcare. I do always recommend calling the number on the back of you card to confirm your coverage for nutrition counseling. Reach out if you need help with this. I can provide you with some questions to ask when calling to make sure you get the answers you need!


What do sessions look like? 

I like to describe my work as nutrition counseling or nutrition therapy. My nutrition counseling style is all about helping you reconnect with your body, make peace with your body, and find food freedom. Sessions may include exploring your relationship with food (past and present), discussing body image, self-compassion, meal planning, or talking about fueling for your sport. We will work together to figure out changes to help you eat in a way that works for you rather than me simply talking the whole time and telling you what to eat. Since every client has different needs, every session looks different. I don’t believe nutrition recommendations are one size fits all. 


How long will we work together? 

The length of time working together depends on the needs of the individual client. This can be anything from a couple months to a couple years. 


Will I lose weight? 

I identify as a weight-neutral provider. This means that we won’t have weight loss as a primary target or goal. I can’t guarantee if your weight will change as a result of our work together. Instead, I will work with you to improve your relationship with food, eat according to hunger and fullness cues, and move away from using food to cope with various forms of stress.  Addressing these issues surrounding food may or may not result in weight changes.



Don’t see the answer to your question here? Reach out and schedule a discovery call so we can chat more!